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The tragic result of feeding a wild dolphin.......................

As reported in the Mandurah Telegraph 29.4.97

A friendly wild dolphin in the waters of Rockingham (a town north of Mandurah) known as "Touch" learnt to beg for handouts from local fishermen which eventually changed his behaviour from natural hunter to scavenger. Whilst scavenging, Touch ingested a line of fish hooks, including one which became embedded in its mouth. Rescue attempts were made to try and save Touch but sadly, were all unsuccessful. Touch was last seen weak, thin and unable to feed for himself.

Touch's dead body was later washed up on a beach on Garden Island.

This is a tragic example of why humans should NEVER attempt to feed wild dolphins

Please NEVER endanger a dolphin's life by trying to feed it and if you see others doing it in your area, STOP and TELL THEM it is illegal, and that they are putting the dolphin's life at risk.

[A dolphin suffers] Copyright Mandurah Telegraph

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